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Manchurian Legends - Winner of Time Out's Best Cheap Eat Awards 2011

Guy Diamond, Time Out, 1, Aug 2011
"Dongbei food is a blast of fresh air from north-eastern China, a surprise even if you think you know Chinese food.
The bite of this spaghetti-shaped pasta (Braised Pork Belly with Glass Noodles) is surprising, and the rich, warming flavours transport you to Dongbei with its long winters.

Fay Maschler, Evening Standard, 11 Aug 2011
"The menu at Manchurian Legends is, indeed, a thing apart. There were so many dishes that tempted and intrigued that I went for dinner twice.
Chicken on the bone in ginger sauce was fragrant and in possession of the elusive sweetness that bones can bestow. Cold sliced pig's ear is a beautiful object, the cartilage embedded in the mahogany skin like ivory marquetry in a polished table. Served in chilli oil, it also has a most satisfactory crunch."

Giles Coren, the Times, 24 Aug 2011
"In amongst the red, dry and fiery carnage was a redeeming skewer of delicious chicken hearts, though, which pleased me enormously. Sweating heavily from the spice, I enjoyed bang bang king prawns served in their own weight of rough chopped red and green chillis, fiery green beans with minced pork and more shovelfuls from the tip of the European chilli mountain, a much milder dish of braised pork belly (the deep fat full of good barnyard stinkiness) on glass noodles and a sauce of staggering brownness, and a wonderful, wonderful plate of small chicken schnitzels lightly battered in a pale agrodolce sauce ..."

Jay Rayner, the Guardian, 28 Aug 2011
"Best of the lot was the Xinjiang-style Fried Lamb ... This is food you will recall for a long time afterwards because your body won't shut up about it."

Press release

Chinatown's New Food Affair with Dongbei Cuisine at Manchurian Legends

Manchuria, more commonly known as Dongbei (literally 'Northeast' in Chinese), is the region stretching up from Beijing toward Siberia. Once violently fought between empires and warlords as a flourishing industrial region, Dongbei's turbulent history has made it a culinary melting pot for centuries, and the Dongbei cooking resembles influences from neighbouring areas, such as the Shandong province and nomadic flavours from Inner Mongolia. The 'crossroad' nature of Dongbei cuisine has rendered itself a special culinary gem that is rich in colours, aromas, and flavours. The newly-opened Manchurian Legends, located in the heart of Chinatown, is one of London's very few restaurants dedicated to authentic Dongbei cooking.

Dongbei food is known to be rich and warming, and carries an unpretentiously pleasant rustic feel characteristic of any lovely homemade cooking. Beef/lamb Skewers crusted with cumin seeds and crushed chillies are the most popular street food found in the Dongbei region and they are now freshly made to order for only £1.50 each at Manchurian Legends. Juicy Pork Patties (£3.50) encased in a thin, crunchy golden crust, and delectable handmade dumplings stuffed with beef and minced carrot or pork and pickled cabbage (£5 for 8 pieces) are staple Dongbei small eats one must try. Signature Dongbei dishes also include Braised Pork Belly with Glass Noodles Stew (£8.50), Pork Slices and Pickled Cabbage Stew (£8.50), Wok-fried Lotus Root Slices with Dried Chilli and Pepper (£9.80), Sea-spiced 'Three-Vegetables' (£7.50), and Mixed Stew of Spare Ribs, Chicken and Vegetables (£12.80). All dishes are reasonably-priced and made with freshest ingredients – it is a friendly and relaxed eatery that offers the rare-to-find, authentic Dongbei food made by well-seasoned chefs natively trained in Manchuria, The restaurant's decently- yet non-overwhelmingly-sized menu provides enticing entry points to the beauty of Dongbei cooking.

Further equipped with five private function rooms (of different sizes) with top-of-range karaoke facility installed, Manchurian Legends also provide a large, popular selection of latest magazines for customers to enjoy. A delicious range of bubble milk tea in various flavours is also available - the trendiest cold drink that has recently taken London by storm!

Manchurian, or Dongbei, cuisine is Chinatown's latest food trend – this special regional cooking of Northeast China is no longer a hidden gem after the opening of Manchurian Legends in the heart of London Chinatown as the new, fascinating branch of Chinese regional cuisine!